Before you begin filling out your application to become an Egg Donor with Conceptual Options, here are some tips to make a great first impression for your potential Intended Parents:

TIP #1 – Photos


When you are looking for pictures to upload to your application, be sure to remember that your potential Intended Parents will be looking at each of these pictures. Therefore, make sure that any pictures that you upload to your application are pictures that show you at your very best. It is always best to err on the conservative side and dress for success.

TIP #2 – Answers


Many of the questions on the Egg Donor application can be answered with simple one word answers; however, when you are answering each question, make sure that you give the most detailed answers that you can. When looking for their potential Egg Donor who Intended Parents want to ensure that the woman that they choose will be the best Egg Donor possible for them. Therefore, make sure that each of your answers paint the best picture of you and your personality.

TIP #3 – Your Introduction


When you are composing your introduction for potential Intended Parents remember that this is their first impression of you. You want to ensure that Intended Parents get a truly great impression of who you are as a person; after all, they will be asking you for the most precious gift. Since this is the first thing they will learn about you, you want to use your introduction to paint a picture of yourself that helps them get to know more about you.

We hope that these tips are helpful to you, but if you have any questions along the way do not hesitate to contact us at J.Mo@ConceptualOptions.com or call us at 619-375-6439.